The Board is an advisory body to assist the Parish Priest and Principal.

The Parish Priest, as manager of the school, is totally responsible for the legal and canonical obligations associated with school administration. The Principal, whose appointment is authorised by the Parish Priest, is delegated the responsibility for the day to day education and administration.

AIMS: The School Board will offer informed advice to the Parish Priest and Principal by:-
(a) Planning for the future and ensuring that the Parish School can accommodate future enrolments.
(b) Assisting in the formulation of the School Policy in conjunction with the Parish Priest, school staff and parents.
(c) Assisting in the preparation of the school budget and the supervision of the school's financial statement.
(d) Supporting the Parish School in practical ways, such as ensuring that the school facilities and equipment are maintained.
(e) In accordance with Diocesan guidelines assisting in the selection of a lay Principal when such an appointment is necessary.
(f) Making annual reports to the community.
(g) Fostering Catholic Education in St. Kilian's Parish Board Members consist of Parish Priest, Principal, Staff & Parent Representatives.

The 2021 School Board consists of
Parish Priest, Fr Junray Rayna
Principal, KImberley McSweeney

Parent Representatives
Brock Pinner (chairperson), Rowan Powell (assistant chairperson), Jackie Elkins-Pole, Kendyl Hopley, Robbie Haw, Emily Byrne, Matthew Quin

Staff representatives
Allira Holmes, Deputy Principal
Carolyn Maher, Senior Learning Leader