183 McCrae St Purchase

In early 2019 the residential property adjoining the grassed play area was purchased. This has been a strategic and important tactical acquisition and addition to the school grounds and is the focus of the first stage of the school’s masterplan.

Latest Updates

183 McCrae St Design & Planning Construction

Project Update Video July 2020

Iona Building Project update Feb '21 


Project update February 2021
McCrae St ‘Iona Building’ Monthly project update - February 2021 
We are excited to share the first of our monthly updates on the McCrae St ‘Iona Building’ development. 
Over the next 4 weeks we expect the following to occur:    

  • Searle Brothers (the appointed building contractor) along with Bree Architects will finalise construction planning 
  • A site assessment is to be conducted in the coming week 
  • Site works are expected to start in the next two weeks, which includes: 
  • Safety barriers and installation of site exclusion zones 
  • Preliminary demolition

Latest update video here: https://youtu.be/TFtEX8x2XEA

Naming the Building: Iona Building
We excitedly share the name of our new building, the Iona Building.  We currently have the Paderborn building, the Backhaus Building and the McAuley Building which link to the wonderful heritage of St Kilian’s School.  The McCrae Street Project Control Group selected the name Iona after much consultation.  Iona is of Greek origin associated with the word "blessed".  Iona links to the story of St Kilian.  St Kilian served as a monk at the Iona Abbey (formally known as the Hy monastery) which included prayer, spirituality, silence and solitude.  Iona Abbey located on the island of Iona on the West Coast of Scotland.  It is one of the oldest Christian religious centres in Western Europe. 

Project update July 2020
It is with excitement that we can share that tender documents were issued to selected builders by Van Bree Architects last week. This is another significant step forward in the project, with these documents signifying that all planning and preparation work is complete. The project will now move towards securing a building contractor with the view to begin demolition and construction works prior to the end of this year. It is estimated that based on current timelines that works will be complete around June 2021.

Along with the tender process the project control group are working through two additional activities. A project to name the new building will begin early in Term 4 while a fundraising activity is planned to support the completion of the landscaping and other items required. Stay tuned for more information on both of these.

How can I ask questions or make suggestions?

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact one of the Project Control Group Members

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A Project Control Group (PCG) has been established to manage the objectives of the learning space and identifying preferred use, manage the budget, work with stakeholders (primarily Bree Architects) in the design and construction, and to manage communication across the school community.    

The group is made up of:  

  • Daniel Gooch - Learning and Teaching Lead & Client/Project Management  
  • Kendyl Hopley – Client/Project Management
  • Kimberley McSweeney – Communications
  • Jessie Crozier  – Financial management
  • Brock Pinner – PCG Chair & Communications
  • Bree Architects (Jo and Joost Van Bree) - Architects & Project Management

Please speak to any of us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information

Photos of the project below

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