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Pastoral Care is a relationship network in our School Community between children, parents, staff, priests and the wider community. Our concern at St. Kilian's is that every child should feel secure, worthwhile and safe and that there is always someone they can turn to. Each member of staff is concerned for, and interested in, all children. Personal development is an integral part of our pastoral care. We aim to develop each person's self esteem and, as a result, enable them to form and cope with interpersonal relationships. The aim of our school is to help individual children to grow in self discipline, to develop the total child - spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.
Our school has a Pastoral Care Co-ordinator and a Special Education Co-ordinator to oversee this program, with support from a Pastoral Care Team.

A cross-age tutoring program is implemented at St. Kilian's School, with Grade 5 & 6 children having a special "Buddy". Each Prep is given assistance in many areas by his/her tutor (Buddy). Introduction to the school situation can be quite daunting to a new child, but with the support of their "Buddy", the children can settle in quickly and happily. It gives them a sense of security and friendship. Together they read, write stories and participate in craft activities. Both the Prep and Year 5/6 students benefit from this program.
Buddies are introduced at the Transition Meetings the previous year to assist in the transition program.

The welfare of students is greatly influenced by peer relationships, the need for children to have friends, to feel wanted and the need for children to feel safe in the school environment.
Bullying is one aspect which can have devastating consequences on the welfare of children and all schools need to develop an Anti Bullying policy. St. Kilian's School Community has the responsibility to foster an educational environment where every attempt is made to eliminate learning barriers and where all students feel safe and valued. As such, St. Kilian's School Community does not tolerate bullying or harassment in any form. All community members are fully committed to putting an end to acts of bullying.
St. Kilian's School Community supports a 'whole school' approach to dealing with bullying. The key elements are:

  • a shared understanding of bullying as a problem
  • a shared understanding of the different forms of bullying
  • a shared resolve to eliminate bullying
  • identification of bullying problems in the School community
  • the creation of a 'telling' environment and the use of a range of interventions to address incidents when they happen
  • recognition by teachers of their role in creating an anti-bullying ethos
  • a classroom anti-bullying education program
  • promoting a positive culture that nurtures acceptance and understanding of differences, strengthens relationships between students and school, develops skills in conflict resolutions and problem solving
  • promoting a culture that is proactive and preventative in the approach to bullying.

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