Welcome to the Junior Unit

Contact Details

Miss Emily Griffin        1/2EG Room 3
Mrs Kylie Bell               1/2KB Room 5 
Miss Rachael McLean 1/2RM Room 7

Please find the presentation from the Parent Information session here-  pdf 2021 Junior Parent Information Session (153 KB)

Water Bottles / Fruit
We ask that children continue to have their own drink bottles at school and that these are cleaned on a regular basis. Children are to have fruit at school for daily fruit break.

Library day for the Junior Unit students will be on Thursdays. Children will be able to borrow books and take these home as part of their reading.

Reading Diaries
The children have been issued with a reading log book this year (yellow journal). Their daily reading is to be recorded in these books and be signed by a parent or guardian. These journals are to be at school each day inside your child’s reader cover, these will be checked weekly by the classroom teacher. 

Sports uniform days for the Junior Unit this year are Tuesday and Friday. If children are out of uniform for any reason please inform your classroom teacher via email or note.
School Hat - please make sure your child has their correct school hat at school each day and that they have their names clearly marked on them.  No hat, No play!

Children will have access to computers during their learning this year. It is vital that students have their own, named headphones at school for the learning. Over ear headphones are preferred for the junior grades.

Art Smocks
Children will be required to have an art smock at school for Art.

Students who require medication and health plans please ensure that the school has a copy. Please ensure that all medications these have been checked, updated and sent into school.

Play Equipment
Just a reminder that students are not permitted to bring toys (of any kind) to school. If toys are found by the teacher, students will be asked to keep them in their school bag.