Grade PrepHS and PrepJW

Please find the presentation from the Parent Information session here-  pdf 2021 Prep Parent Information Session (276 KB)  

SPORTS DAYS- Mondays and Thursdays
Students are required to wear their full sports uniform on Mondays and Thursdays. Students need a hat to participate in PE lessons.

Just a reminder that if you are volunteering in the Junior Unit and/or joining us on excursions then a working with children check is required. If and when you have one can you please let us know and take the WWCC into the school office for our office ladies to take a photocopy of. It is a legal requirement that everyone has one before working with children in our school. The following is the link for steps to require one.  Thank you for understanding.

Just a reminder to check that your child has a set of headphones for use in the classroom. They use these often in the classroom with reading programs and technology.

Thank you, Miss Hayley Smith & Mr James Whiteacre