St Kilian’s Master Plan

In 2017, the school started the journey of creating a new Master Plan. The purpose of a Master Plan is to have a plan for the future to ensure that the school is prepared for future enrolment and educational trends.

Master Planning is a complex process that needs to consider a number of factors that will impact the final design. The St Kilian’s School Board identified some of the key factors that needed to be considered as we laid the foundations of the Master Plan. These included:

  • The size of the school and the current enrolment plan of approximately 275 students.
  • The central location of the school and how it draws students and families from all areas of the Bendigo region
  • The history of the school and how the current buildings need to be acknowledged and celebrated, whilst also considering the heritage overlay restrictions that may exist
  • The contemporary style of learning and teaching that is preferred by students and staff to best support the development of all students into the future.