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All Students will be Successful Learners

Teachers at St Kilian’s Primary School are committed to explicit and responsive instruction. We establish the conditions for learning so that every child learns in a calm and ordered learning environment. We establish clear routines to minimise disruption and maximise instructional time.

The school uses an Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) approach to teaching. Teachers follow the I Do, We Do, You Do model to introduce new concepts, ensuring all students can achieve success. This newly learnt content is then moved into the students’ long-term memories by conducting ‘Daily Reviews’ which is based on the concept of spaced and interleaved practice. 

Lessons in Literacy and Mathematics are carefully planned and based on the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) model. This means that teachers explain and model new concepts and skills before guiding students to practise new skills in an interactive and responsive environment.

Our philosophy is grounded in the Science of Learning, ensuring that our teaching methods are supported by research and proven to be effective.

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