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In Mathematics, we run a structured program including Daily Review each day for fact fluency and concept recall, whole class explicit teaching with worked examples and then independent work time where students work on their own, in pairs or with the teacher. Students use materials and manipulatives to support their understanding.

Our Daily Reviews incorporate each strand of Mathematics, gradually building up concepts and understandings. This spaced and interleaved approach, an integral part of our instructional model, is designed to avoid long breaks in the exposure to concepts as would be experienced when teaching in blocks. The gradual and prolonged exposure is designed to convert all key skills taught, into long-term memory and student mastery.

Students also participate in Rocket Maths to develop mathematics fluency, which further enhances their understanding and automaticity with number facts and other areas of the Maths curriculum.

We use the general model of CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) to guide the introduction of all mathematical processes alongside our instructional model of EDI. Problem-solving is utilised throughout all strands of the mathematics curriculum. 

Another integral part of our instruction is the Bar Model Method which strengthens the CPA approach by focusing on the ability to draw a problem systematically.

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