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Catholic schools have Religious Education Frameworks at the core of their curriculum. The 'Source of Life' curriculum is implemented in our school and provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge, pray and experience Catholic Traditions in a welcoming faith community.

At St Kilian’s PS, we believe that our Catholic faith calls us to view and embrace the contemporary world through a Catholic lens, and a hope-filled view of people and all of creation.

Through the Source of Life, we aim to; 

  • invite a loving encounter with God,
  • develop a love of self, and
  • encourage engagement with the Christian community

Religious Education is not limited to the formal teaching of lessons in the classroom.

The Religious Education curriculum also aims to complement the family’s faith education by developing the whole child in the life of the faith in:

  • Celebrating liturgy
  • Receiving Sacraments
  • Responding to the spirit of God in their lives and in creation
  • Celebrating the mystery and life of the Risen Christ
  • Handing on tradition
  • Understanding the scriptures and the traditions of the Catholic Church 

Students are invited to prepare for the Sacraments in the following Grades and this preparation is done through the Parish.

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) in Grade 2
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist and Confirmation in Grade 3

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