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Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited (CES) is the responsible entity for the governance and management of St Kilian’s School including its legal and educational obligations. It is the employer of all staff within the St Kilian’s School and directly delegates to the Principal significant educational, administrative and operational responsibilities and accountabilities. 

The Parish Priest is appointed by the Bishop of Sandhurst and is responsible for the pastoral care and canonical governance of the parish. He has a key role in working with and supporting the  St Kilian's School in accordance with the Shared Mission Framework and Commitment Statement 

The Principal is appointed by the Executive Director of CES Limited and is delegated with key responsibilities in the educational, administrative and operational functions of the St Kilian’s School in accordance with CES Limited Delegations framework. 

The St Kilian’s School Advisory Council is the leading consultative and advisory group for the Principal, as an active forum for parent and community participation, providing support and advice principally in strategic planning and school improvement. As outlined in the CES Limited Governance Charter Advisory Council members do not have decision making powers.

The St Kilian’s School Advisory Council is intended to:

  • provide a voice for members of the school community
  • actively support, in collaboration with the local parish, the Vision and Catholic Identity of the St Kilian's School
  • provide input into and support for strategic planning and directions
  • provide input and contribute advice in the processes of school improvement and school review
  • support the Principal in meeting his/her responsibilities and accountabilities for educational outcomes, effective stewardship of resources, and annual reporting
  • actively support the Principal in the encouragement of parent/guardian engagement
    support the ongoing sustainability of the Council and its members in its succession and learning

Members of the St Kilian's School Advisory Council acknowledge that:

  • All management and operational matters such as delivery of curriculum, human resource matters, parent complaints, programs and policies are the responsibility of the Principal who may seek the advice of Council members around these mattes from time to time.
  • Issues of a personal nature or issues involving individuals of the school community will not be raised at Council meetings
  • The Principal is the spokesperson for the St Kilian's School for initiatives, announcements and issues raised in the local media. No Council Member has authority to speak on behalf of the St Kilian's School or Advisory Council, unless explicitly delegated and authorised by the Principal.
  • Members of the Council do not have the authority to expend or commit St Kilian's School funds.

The 2024 School Board consists of
Parish Priest, Fr Junray Rayna
Principal, Kimberley McSweeney

Parent Representatives
Belinda Mertens, James Reade, Dan Bahen, Gavin Hicks, Abdoullah Fakhouri, Alex Reid, Adrian Powell

Staff representatives
Sharee Whiteacre, Carolyn Maher

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